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The act of presenting an interesting problem to a certain type of nerd, usually a physicist or a mathematician, while he/she is crossing the road, in such a manner that he/she becomes so occupied with it that he/she is soon run over.

First defined on xkcd.
"There's a certain type of brain that's easily disabled. If you show it an interesting problem, it involuntary drops everything else to work on it. This has led to me to evolve a new sport: Nerd Sniping."
by Volland December 12, 2007
A sport based on the use of difficult problems to stump and/or stop nerds in their tracks.
I put problems from the GLAT on poster board to have some fun nerd sniping. Man, is it easy!
by IMReader December 18, 2007
1. The act of presenting someone, often a mathematician/physicist with a time consuming problem or challenge (often impossible to solve or complete) in the hopes of it appealing to a person's obsessive tendencies.

2. Doing the thing above in a situation where the obsession may lead to bodily harm (in the original context on the middle of a road where they will get inevitably run-over by a truck).
1. The XKCD comic "Click and Drag" nerd sniped me! I never expected it to take so long to explore.

2. There's a certain type of brain that is easily disabled. If you show it an interesting problem it involuntarily drops everything else. This lead me to the development of a new sport: Nerd Sniping.
by willisbell September 23, 2012