Nerd Hierarchies usually exist in a group of Star Trek Geeks. The levels are organized by knowledge of Trek. The leader is sometimes called the "captain" and is looked up to for advice. These groups of nerds often make up their own starships, such as "USS Valor" and write fanfiction and scripts that will go woefully unpublished.
Captain Warner is at the top of our local hierarchy.
by Commander Accel April 10, 2004
Top Definition
The class system associated with the specific levels of nerd. The lower classes usually worship the higher classes, and ultimately the "highest nerd." The highest nerd is the "coolest" of the nerds in the eyes (behind their glasses of course) of the nerdier nerds.
Eric is at the TOP of the Nerd Heirchy, yo!
by Anonymous July 21, 2003
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