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An insult towards a non-nerd that makes a reference only nerds would understand.
Confused Non-nerd: Should I include my T1 line in my packing bag?

Nerd: Do you mean your Ethernet cord? You couldn't fit a T1 line in a bag!

Nerds within earshot: *laughter* Ohhhh! Nerd Burn!
by Ad F December 11, 2008
The toasty feeling on one's thighs after resting their laptop on their lap for too long, usually not permanent or disabling.
I should have moved to the table, now I have nerd burn. Same as laptop burn
by rockyhors May 12, 2011
A burn directed toward a fellow nerd using information the general population wouldn't understand.
You used a hybrid approach? Who are you, Mendel? Ohhh, nerd burn!

You must've missed that turn because your mapping cells weren't working. Nerd burn!
by oogaboo September 09, 2012
When you play WoW or some other nerd game and you burn your skin. Then you go to school and act like you went to the beach and got a sun-burn. Usually happens when you play 10+ hours.
Nerd: Hey, I went to the beach for like 3 hours and got extreme sunburn!
Cool Guy: Yeah right! Just admit it. We all know that you got nerd-burn. *Laughs*
by -CoLoR- April 14, 2011
Medical condition known only to video game nerds.
Happens when a nerd is rotating their xbox 360 controller joystick so violently, they actually get a burn in the center of their hand. Similar to carpet burn, but on a much nerdier, less skanky scale.
Yeah dude. Theres a name for that. Its called a Nerd Burn.. fail.
by Knowsalottabout Nerds October 23, 2010
When one's rebuttal is so vastly superior to all comments and matters aforementioned that the target of said rebuttal is shamed back in to the womb that they mistakenly crawled forth from in the false belief that they would one day win this argument.
President Obama to Republicans on removing Planned Parenthood and the healthcare bill.

Obama: "If you think you can overturn my veto, try it."

America: "NERD BURN!"
by Indigo Shoes April 15, 2011
when your so pale and you get sunburned so bad but have parts of your body that are still pale.

but the word is used as a adjetive to describe someone.
ah hes sucha nerd burn.
by krissy b October 03, 2007
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