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A beautiful, beautiful person. Not only is she beautiful on the inside, but also incredibly beautiful on the outside.

Nemii usually has an odd-smelling hand-rolled fag in one hand and a bottle of cheap white cider in the other.

Somehow she allways looks amazing, even in the morning after a massive massive all night party.

However, Nemii falls in love too quickly. She <u>HATES</u> hurting people's feelings, which ends up hurting everyone. But if she falls in love with you she cares for you more than anything, and cannot/will not stop caring for you, even months later.
"You coming tonight, Nemii?"

"I'm in love with Nemii!!!"

"Nemii told me I had aids. (5 mins later) AAAAAAARRGH!"
by Oliver_LOUDER January 02, 2008
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