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Getting clowned on.
Oh man, I got beat 66-21 in NCAA football.

Shit dawg, you got Nemered!
by Huddy6969 January 31, 2009
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Passing out from excessive drinking while in Japan and having your friends insert an eel in your rectum.
I cannot believe how much he is drinking tonight. He should get nemered if he gets as sloppy as I think he is going to get.
by Huddy6969.2 May 02, 2010
getting baited into a game of madden 2010 on the assumption that nemer's game isn't at a high level and getting shellacked (thus losing $40 in a $20 money game).
"damn siskin, nemer beat you in a money game again?!? and you got shellacked??? and akers had a side bet with nemer on the game totalling nemer's winnings to $80??? shit..yall both got nemered"
by bignemer October 06, 2009

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