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A young moose looking elf like child. The child has an appearance much like a cartoon bookworm and involves him/herself in galavantingly frolicking through meadows of wild flowers whilst gracefully shooting the wildlife and burning down his or her surroundings.
Nelman is a moose. (see 'moose')

The Nelman sat calmly whilst caressing his wildebeest.

The Nelman horrified the young'uns with his foul hobbies.
by Moose123456789 December 26, 2011
A boy who has too much body hair, usually Jewish, who often refuses to shower or shave himself. Nelmans usually are tall, a bit beefy, but also chubby. The main defining feature of a Nelman is a big, juicy, hairy ass. Although they are predominantly heterosexual, they enjoy sticking their fingers into their juicy ass, and getting rim jobs. They also enjoy eating junk food, playing video games, and trying to belt musical theater songs.
Wow. Nelman needs to shave. He also has gained a little weight! I wonder if he'll let me give his hairy ass a rim job.
by cutiepatootie123 September 02, 2014

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