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One who believes that they are all-that. Usually a suburban kid blasting black music (not like african tribal, but ghetto stuff) in their moms SUV. May play drums in a band but isn't always the case of a Neitge. An all around white kid with no home for his soul
"Dude, you're such a neitge!"
"Naw mang, I be poppin da cris like errday and then my baby momma be like hold up I gotta get me some suga for the down low rider.
#brorape #benjamin #wigger #poser #suburban kid
by Micah R April 03, 2007
8 Words related to Neitge
1. a wigger, wanna be ghetto. Usually pretends to have accent, and listen to rap, ex. three6mofia
2. Usually accustom to having "Bro Rape" happen.
3. Smart Ass; Dip stick;
4. David Yellen's Penis Lover.
"dont be such a neitge"
"That's neitge music there"
#benjamin #ass #bitch #penis #wigger
by Girlfriend57357 March 19, 2007
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