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Pokémon #469: Neiltasha

Height: 3'2 to 5'9, depending on position

Weight: 238 lbs

Location: Bathrooms, Restrooms, Washrooms, Lavatories, Water Closets, tiled rooms with countertops. When breeding, they are found in dark corners and behind lockers. Occasionally they will be found on tabletops.

Natasha + Neil --->
Neiltasha --->
Uberhornyneiltasha (+ Melanie) --->

Do not disturb this creature when it is resting in a hidng space. The Natasha element of this creature can be hazardous to your health if provoked. Keep a safe distance away.

Neil, Natasha, Melanie, anything that can move.
I think I saw some animal scurry over into the machine shop bathroom! Let's get the net and rat poison--
Oh, nevermind. Its just a Neiltasha breeding on the countertop.
by Cornelius IV August 29, 2005
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