The worst xbox player ever.
some say when Neidas is playing call of duty he sweats like a 70 stone 3 year old trying to play football
by themightygod May 30, 2012
Top Definition
Neida is an adorable girl! She does weird things, but it's so cute too. Anyone who would go out with a Neida would be so lucky! She is very creative and sweet, but she is also sensitive and insecure. Neidas are very nice girls that you can count on. She can be very interesting & kinky too. If you have a Neida, treasure her and love her for as long as you can.
Girl: Neida is so adorable! I just want to put her in my pocket!

Guy: Neida is too sensitive!
by The Vintage Lolita January 18, 2014
(noun) pronounced ni-da. A mixed race baby. synonim for mulatto.
That girl looks like she could be a neida.
by ginger rodgers December 07, 2007
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