originated in Japan, taken by myself, the slang term migrated to Seattle, Washington and is now used by confused stoners.
What, the cops are here? neh...

(question) -Where's my stash?
(answer) -Neh...
by Bianca Z April 25, 2004
Black Cock
Guy 1 >.o BENNEH?!?! BLACK COCK?!
by Samuel Cheung November 24, 2008
(anything) A spontaneous expression said at a unknown time for no apparent reason. Used to express emotion such as fear, confusion, contemplation of fear and/or confusion and if all else fails just to anony people. This can also be used to ask questions and virtually anything if you so please.
someone makes a comment that confuses you. your response: NEH?!
you see something that bothers you, your response: NEH?!
by Ashleii December 01, 2002
(adjective) to be a neh (check neh)
'you're so nehy!'
by Sarah July 12, 2003
(verb) to 'neh', to run with legs apart and make snorting noises
jason, who was wearing his pants up to his armpits (yet again!)was nehing down the street.
by Sarah July 12, 2003
... you losers, it's HEN BACKWARDS!
"we blow them up! neh!"
by Anjew Apu-Llama July 17, 2003

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