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Negrotism is a type of "blackness" or invisible "black matter" that radiates off of someone with a high level of Negrosity. This is often seen when someone smokes weed or a combination of other drugs (such as a Jeffrey). Negrotism may be radiated from a subject whether they are of black decent or not, as long as the Negrosity levels are high enough. Negrotism can sometime be absorbed from an outside source such as another subject radiating Negrotism. Negrotism can be more easily absorbed if the subject consumes more cornbread, grape drink, fried chicken, corn, and even mashed potatoes to an extent.
Nate smoked so much of that really ballin' weed that he started to radiate Negrotism.
#negros #highness #merijuana #weed #smoked up #smokin #high #jigaboo #black
by N8RZ December 08, 2010
favouritism shown towards Negroes; favouring Negroes, e.g. in employment.
The boss showed excessive Negrotism while promoting the staff of his organization.
#negritude #negrophile #nepotism #favouritism #impartiality
by uttam maharjan November 19, 2010
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