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Spanish word for black girl (negra), used as a term of endearment or just descriptive without being offensive...adding ita/ito to the end of a word is endearing ie. abuelito/a bebito/a, besito...

Some English speakers and Americans would like to make this into an offensive word...see the definitions for negrito but negrito/a is not offensive or racist despite sounding like an English word that is offensive. In fact using negrita is like saying cute little black girl not exact translation.
My husband to me: "Te quiero mi negrita."
Me to my husband: "Te quiero papi."
by ilovepuppies June 28, 2009
is a term o endearment in Spanish.
Si mi negrita lo que tu quieres... yes dear whatever you want.
by stevenferrari March 04, 2008
(noun)A dumb mexican biatch that pretends to be black. These people are usually found in prison enjoying droping their soap.
Hey look at Harry and Eddie Guerrero they are negritas.
Negritas eat caca.
caca pipi
by Fuck You December 06, 2003

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