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The process of societal degradation as manifested by the exaltation of all things relating to negro "culture". White persons opposing this phenomenon and it's effects upon their cultures/nations are to be quickly smeared as "racists" and ostracized from polite society.
"One negro moves in the neighborhood, smiles like he's going to be a GOOD neighbor. Then two, three move in and by the time the "'Hood" reaches 30% non-White the smiles disappear, the grass doesn't get mowed, the bass thumps appear from passing cars and the neighborhood "strangely" becomes a textbook example of Negrification;

Otherwise intelligent young White men dressing/talking/acting like "gangsta" thugs;

The importation of incredibly stupid "sayings" into the English vernacular, like "bootylicious", "gangsta" or "boo-yah".
by Alex O'Berra February 09, 2008
Replacing a white (sometimes asion or other) character in with a black character in the spirit of inverted-racist discrimination, to popularize black people in the entertainment industry. Mostly in movies.
Examples: Heimdall from norse legend in Thor. The red-headed Irish guy called Red in Shawshank redemption.
Did you see that on Once Upon a Time? They made rapunzel into a black woman. Total negrification! It's a german fairy-tale...
by Zso April 06, 2015
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