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A funny boy. Usually dark skinned, with glasses. He has a great sense of humor and likes to talk. Negeib is sweet and caring and very outgoing. He will be rich in his future so I suggest you marry a Negeib, if you can find one. He is sexy and beautiful and such a cougar, meow. He struts his stuff down every street and is very very popular. He has too many girlfriends and they can't keep calm when they're around him. A hot, smokin' Negeib only comes once in a lifetime. If you have one, don't let him go because he is one of the best people you'll ever meet.
Person1: Look, its Negeib!
Person2: Dayum, look at him strut.
Person1: I wish i was a rich as him!
Person2: And don't forget, sexy.
Negeib: Hi!
Person1&2: *dies*
by Anonyumoussexyperson December 05, 2012

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