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onyxia's brother, the boss of Black Wing Lair.
A npc in the game World of Warcraft.
A humongouse dragon that is practiacally impossible to kill.
"My guild downed Nefarian last week, it was a damn hard fight."
by Zeric December 18, 2005
The ruler of Blackrock Spire in World Of Warcraft.
Leader of the Black Dragonflight, Lord Victor Nefarius.
Brother of Lady Onyxia. Sitting on the throne of Blackwing Lair.

He is to be seen in UBRS before the Warchief Rend event, standing with Warchief Rend watching the battle in his human shape.
"The Nefarian fight has got different phases, with different challenges, and was considered rather difficult before The Burning Crusade Expansion Pack"
by Niklas Johansen June 11, 2007
extremely wicked or villianous person
Poetry is truth told slant. Perhaps this indirection has helped keep poetry on the margins, but the margins is where we all exist, pushed out by power-hungry nefarians, by wars, by ignorance—we are a marginalized people, even the marginalizers (bully does as a bully is done to).
by Douglas William Mowbray October 11, 2006
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