1. A name meaning "Unwanted Fagot Child", This term became popular in Iran after a Jew had sexual intercourse with a Palestinian.

2. A school-yard term meaning a penis that is erected at less than 3 inches.

Did you hear about the kid Neema?
Yea he's an unwanted fagot child!
Hes half Jew!
Poor Basard!


Dude hes such a wimp!
Because he has a Neema
Wow thats pretty small!
by Lone Synner May 20, 2009
Top Definition
Neema is another way of spelling the name Nima. Neemas usually have a lot of friends but there is one particular friend that he likes the most. Neemas are smart, cool, funny, hot, and they are awesome Super Best Friends. Neemas tend to have a fetish for finding earlobes mouthwatering, and they can be very dangerous. If you spot a Neema, remember to admire him at a distance because he does not like whores. Unless he has been trained otherwise.
Dude! Neema just called me a whore but its ok because he was awesome!!!
by mlhhh July 23, 2010
The absolute man who is smart and isnt a try hard. lazy gets picked on but still manages to get through the day. In the things he tries hes good. Computer smart and will hack u every day of ur life. gets girls hilarious beat u up trashtalker and jokester
wow he is a total neema he hacked me yesterday
by bob12345678998765434789 April 15, 2011
Being lazy all day - except if there's some kind of event, then a Neema is full of energy. Sometimes too much.
"Look at that guy sleeping. - Looks like someone who never could party like us!"
"Yeah he could - he's a total Neema"
by grindyomind October 20, 2009
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