Neeky is basically the same as neek but u would use it in past tense
Example 1
Tim:Jon was been neeky 2day
Tracy: Is it

Example 2
Tracy: Y b neeky 4 alice.
by Tracy August 17, 2004
Top Definition
A description of the bahaviour of an individual who has no lust/desire for life and is not shy about letting everyone know, and thus this behaviour inevitabally inhibits friendship with others except othe neeks
'stop it, you are actin bare neeky'
by J November 13, 2004
The adverb from neek.
"Tom, are you the neek now?"

"Yes - I'm exceedingly neeky."
by interpolitia May 12, 2006
Is a sexy, cool and fun-loving girl. Is smart and has and has all the guys coming for her. She is very outgoing and is a bit of a tomboy.
Boy 1 : Im gonna ask Neeky out
Boy 2 : No i am!

Neeky: Hey guys! (:

Boy 1 & 2 : oh ahhm hi!
by NintendoFever May 23, 2011
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