a person lacking in style/humour/charisma/personality who is generally boring and embarassing. Not to be confused with 'geek'
Lee is such a neek, did you hear what he said? Lets ditch him asap
by Treatz June 06, 2003
A northen way of saying neck.
Billy Northen - 'I broke me neek doing some moves t'up disco'
by RednBlue August 23, 2006
a boring person not a neek that dosent have any friends
goerge bush is a neek
by silva March 13, 2004
A complete wanker on faceparty. Sleeps with 13 year old girls off the net and uses a wheelchair. Lives off benefits and smokes pot while playing playstation with his welsh friends.
neek "my gf is so hot"
me "yeh but she is 13"
neek "whats your point?"
me "youre 21+"
by youknowwhoiam February 24, 2005
1. the side of your nose where it runs into your cheek
2. cool
1. you have a pimple on your neek
2. that girl's hair is so neek
by ALPHABET May 26, 2005
a person that's an outsider, a wanker, a cross between a geek and a freak. Usually one knows if they are a neek and aren't afraid of admitting it.
omgjohn you are such a neek

john: I know!
by joapet July 10, 2004
to fuck/have sex with
i'm gonna neek that bee
by Gha December 21, 2003

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