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Needledickery is the act of behaving like or having a needledick.
Usually it is said to describe white rich kids who get anything they want without asking twice.
Often, it can be interchanged with douchebaggery .
It means practically the same thing, except it's slightly more derogatory.
Carmen: (to Princeton) "Dude, you're being a total needledick right now. Cut it out."
Frank: "Yeah. There's no need to be so full of needledickery."
Princeton: "Shut the fuck up! I'm not full of needledickery or whatever the hell you're saying."
Carmen: "Uhh. Yeah. You're up to your eyes in neeedledickery".
Princeton: (throws up on Carmen's shoes)
Carmen: "Eww. That's so gross!"
Frank: (To Princeton) "You still think you're not full of needledickery?"
by ChannelingJ-Woww. August 30, 2010
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