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1. Referring to the word "Nectar", which stands for the type of concentrate produced from a butane or alcohol THC-extraction process in which buds have not yet been trimmed. If the buds were to be trimmed, the extraction process would degrade in quality but augment in quantity and thus be referred to as "wax" or "hash oil" instead.

2. Mostly used as a code word for "Nigger" in Southern California.
1. "Pass me that nectah, holmes. I've had a long day and want nothing but a few dabs of this good nectah."

2. "Pass me the controller, holmes. I'm not done staining nectahz yet!"
by SwizzCheez November 01, 2011

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Northeast Connecticut, derived from the abbreviation of the two words.
When you planning on heading back up to the NECTah?
by at killa July 25, 2003