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1. First you will need to get one or two partners in order to do this.
2. One partner will act dead while the other will fondle the partners body

3. After foreplay the partner will have sexual intercourse with the partner that is acting like they're dead
4. After the partner reached the climax, they will then switch turns
*tips* to spice it up add fake blood and makeup to make it even more sexy
*fact* this is a less illegal way for a person to release their necrophilliac tensions rather than actually having sex with a dead body.
"Did you hear about the new fetish thing?"
"What? What's it called?
" I think it's called necroplaying? I heard it's some messed up shit where a guy has sex with a dead body...heck I don't even want to research it!"
by Vargiz May 18, 2014
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