Meaning either "no" or "I'm too lazy to answer". But when used in a rising intonation it could mean "yes" or once again "I'm too lazy to answer"

Made popular by Stephen Burns.
"Hey Stephen get up!"


by Albert Wayne August 25, 2008
An answer, which means:


Probably not.

I am too lazy to answer.


Usually used as a response to a question, but also could just be used to show someone that you have found a comfortable place to enjoy your own laziness. It is convenient because it is so easy to say, and requires little energy.
Man #1: Lets go to Wawa. Want to?

Man #2: Ndehhhh....

Guy #1 strays from the group at the field trip and hobbles over to a historic monument and lays down on it's base.

Guy #1: Ndehhhh......

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