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Naziat is someone who can turn someone on with just there eyes. he seduces the ones he loves by stroking his facial hair. he also is a person who mastered sword fighting with his penis.So you know when a bitch talk shit about him what goes down.
he is also a bengali boy who wears glasses and has the most sexiest smile ;). And this guy knows how to hypnotize pl by rocking his penis back and forth. He is a Very dangerous person stay away but i mean who can stay away from him he is just UNNNNF <3
Nizia got hypnotized by a Naziat

I got attack by a Naziat

his eyes reminds me of a Naziat

I choked on his dick like if it as a naziat
by chickenwing123 October 02, 2011
Mere words cant describe the glory that is Naziat
by MrNaz October 02, 2011