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Origin: Naydel was originated back when Maddy and Alison were just little tykes. Alison found the word 'nads' amusing. She learned this from her older brothers, in which they used the term, meaning balls. Alison then began calling Maddy, 'Naddy'. Then later Naddy became Naddel. Maddy's real name was Madeline. The nickname Naddel stuck around for quite some time. Doing a three way chat with Maddy and Chubbs, Alison typed up Naddel instead of Maddy. Chubbs only knew Maddy by Maddy... Not Naddel. The next day at lunch, Chubbs was all like, "What's Naddel? But Naddel was pronounced as "Nay-del'. So be it, Molly, a good friend of Alison and Maddy's, began to call Maddy Naydel. Naydel is now a common name for Maddy, and she now responds to it.

Description: A Naydel is a serious and professional word, only to be used by the right people. It's a different species of human. Part human... Part somethin' else that has yet to be discovered. The Naydel will soon have world domination.
"C'mon over here Naydel," Molly called. Naydel scampered over beaming brightly.

"That's a Naydel," Molly petted her.
by Young Naydel October 29, 2010
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