an adorable form of the word "fingernails"
I'm gonna go paint my nay nays!
by Shay and Alex August 12, 2005
Top Definition
One who is considered to be magnum in the sense of ultimate or way cool.
A: Even before she bought us dinner, I always told people your sister was a Nay Nay.
B: Yeah, she is magnum, no doubt.
A: No doubt!
B: So why they call them Greensleeves if they ain't got green sleeves?
A: They ripped 'em off so they could use them for those twirly things.
B: That so magnum.
by Bruce Mongoose June 09, 2004
A suffix suited for almost any girl's name.

It adds spunk and sparkle.

This suffix is easily overused as it is found to fit so perfectly.
Avernaynay: Hey Nanaynay, what's that girl's name?
Nanaynay: Oh thats Jennaynay!

Avernaynay: Oh yea! She's one of Amelianaynay's bffl's!
by naomiinomess June 04, 2013
testicles, male scrotum, balls
I'm gonna cut Chuck's nay nays off if I dont get my W-2
by trick_ytman February 10, 2011
a mini version of najet. Is prone to temper tantrums and is known for its strange eating habits. Known to inhabit Europe, native to France.
trolls, najet, nay nay are creatures
by altered state February 28, 2010
1. Extremely large breasts with big nipples, which normally sag and have stretch marks.
Your mother has terrible nay nays.
by cakes June 11, 2003
to be naked, without clothes
Jade, Molly, and Alisha are nay nay together in the shower
by Molly August 25, 2004
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