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Naweera as a beautiful hot chick, and very rare to find. She's smart, beautiful, funny, very attractive, awesome at everything, perfect :) Not lesbo! Naweeras 'an all around' girl , good cook, looks good, feels good . She has a crazy side but only shows it to true friends. She's a unique and incredible person who you can always rely on ( or trust with any secrets !) and always has great advise , also shes someone who'd back you up no matter what's happened and always stay you true friend! She's one of the most trustworthy people you'll ever meet! If you find a Naweera she'll change your life, don't ever let her go! Usually has a pretty face with with beautiful brown eyes that take you to another world! Don't ever let her go!
I wanna be a sexy gorgeous girl like , Naweera!

She's so gorgeous, she must be a Naweera....
by Beckah May 10, 2014

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