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This word refers to a man who has attained such a level of sexiness and manliness that he can even exude sensitivity without coming across as gay. Someone who is referred to as Navdeep must be incredibly sexy, virile, and have an affinity for Tom Cruise movies.
Male or Female: Shit that guy is so sexy and manly without being overbearing while epitomizing greatness in every sense.

Male or Female #2: Damn, he soooo Navdeep!!
by Navdeep Singh April 08, 2007
Navdeep is an awesome nerd. Although his sexuality is unknown, he is an MMO-gamer who prefers playing with other nerds, rather than his real life friends.
You see that DPS! That guy MUST be a Navdeep!
by Dank26 June 12, 2015
An tall scary guy with a big scary mustache. Has a lot of cool, crazy friends that are girls, but all guy friends are nerdy and quiet. Uses IM shortcuts like "k" and thumbs up alot. Will kill you if you insult LP.
WOW look at that guy over there with the big scary mustache?! Oh, you mean the one with a lot of crazy girls yelling at him?! That's Navdeep!
by Star3721 September 21, 2007
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