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Combination of "Nasty" and "Savage". One would use it when describing an uncivilised event/person that they would not touch with a ten-foot pole, but is intriguing nontheless.
"Holy crap, those people are totally getting it on in the swamp over there."
-"Ew. That's navage. But I can't help but watch."

"How many babies does it take to paint a wall red?"
- "How many?"
"Depends how hard you throw them."
-"That's navage!"
by TheCheddar March 29, 2010
The kind of courage to explore places while driving that one can only find when one has a bold sense of adventure and an on-board navigation system (combination of NAVigation and courAGE = NAVAGE).
"Wow I have never been here before, this is awesome, you are one bold explorer."
Don't thank me, it's all in the Navage...
by maui3 January 20, 2010