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A very very very very very sexy chick
Did you see her? She was a total Nautica.
by BLOOP324324 August 19, 2011
65 24
Established in 1983, by David Chu. Another American classic reinterepreted by using the sea and technology as themes in their fashion line.
I wear "Nautica" by David Chu.
by A.D. June 30, 2004
90 23
brand of clothing that make sick shirts that lads and graffas wear.
Tommo: ben that nautica shirt is sik
Ben: i no braz
by benjohnson April 30, 2005
88 41
An American clothing company and store line with clothing that can be considered semi-prep. Often liked by newer "preppy" families who don't want to go full prep and shop at J-Crew (these families may include a JAP). The stores are dominated by collared shirts, typically polos, and slacks, although jeans do have a wall.
A Nautica outfit: Light blue polo and slacks, accompanied by cross-train sneakers or old topsiders and a Red Sox cap.
by Scalfin April 17, 2009
32 20