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The raw sexual inner self of a usually shy and beautiful woman only released around a trusted lover in absolute privacy, can be coaxed out with rough dominating fore-play. Very playful and fun loving but also very sly, at times playing hard to get and wrestling with their partner for domination, though only satisfied if ultimately forced into submission by said lover.

The transition is often marked by a drastic change in confidence including sustained eye contact and sly behavior with a deepened and more breathy voice.
"She was acting all shy until I pinned her to the bed, then, suddenly, naughty kitty took over and she slipped free and flipped me on my back... After that... well it gets pretty graphic..."

"She may seem shy but if you ever get her in the sack you better bring some neosporin cause she'll leave you covered in claw marks and love bites! That girl is a Naughty Kitty!"
by Mr.Mohawk February 05, 2014
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To pounce on someone (usually from behind) while wearing little to nothing
"Dude, John got naughty kittied by Sarah last night, he gets all the luck..."
"I hope Jennifer pulls a naughty kitty when I get home."
by Codechomper4 September 29, 2011
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