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The back-splash that occurs when one pinches a loaf from a slight elevation. Recent innovation has shone light on the potential practical aspects of this previously undesirable situation.
"We were out of toilet paper, but i lucked out with a perfectly timed Nature's Bidet"
by CosmiClovers November 19, 2011
a naturally occurring spring or geyser one uses to bathe the genital and perineal areas of the body
Unhappy Camper: I forgot my toilet paper when I came to camp at Yellowstone and now i have to poop but there's only cacti to relieve the poo from my bottom. What should I do?

Local: Well you should use Nature's Bidet. Go poop on that mound over there and don't get up until 35 or 120 minutes have passed.
by Keeton1229 May 24, 2011

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