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Look in the toilet after #2 and you will find a Natural Log.
Example: Calculus tends to be very fond of Natural Logs. For example, what is the derivative of a natural log? Why is this natural log bigger than this other natural log?
by poop666666666666 March 21, 2009
(MATHEMATICS) a logarithm whose base is e (2.71828...)

The number e is a transcendental irrational, which means that it has infinitely many decimal places but cannot be expressed as a fraction.

A useful feature of the natural log function is that the derivative of (ln x) is 1/x.
The natural log of n is equal to the {log(base x)n} divided by the {log(base x)e}.
by Abu Yahya May 05, 2010
natural log is logarithm to the base n. written as ln in mathematics, and prounced as lun in punjabi , which means DICK
take natural log = shove up my dick
by rococo.dictates August 19, 2011
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