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the inability to form solid feces due to years of frequent natty light consumption
Theodore: "Dood, I blow up hard at work"
Jontae: "Yeah, same, I rarely shit solid any more"
Theodore: "HAHAHA, maybe we have Nattycolitis"

Sampsun: "Bro, I have been shitting rice water and blood for weeks. I think I have developed Chronic Nattycolitis."
Jeffrey: "I ferment mine."

Scott: "Ben, I haven't duked a solid log in months; all my poop is straight liquid."
Benjamin: "Uhhh, it sounds like you might have Nattycolitis. How long have you been bingeing on natty?"
Scott: "Probably 15 years, since I was 12, no doubt."
by SanduskyBwai69 November 20, 2011
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