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Beautiful with an amazing smile, always doing something: "She's an active person and never wants to stay in.... Nathifa is a person that's there when you need her someone that loves you no matter what
someone that doesn't use you for anything
just a friend that never lets you down when you really need them, A great (twin) sibling . The most beautiful girl ever seen, known to man. a very beautiful human being on the inside and out. She's so nice,but don't get her pissed off or mess with her friends or loved ones. She will kick some major ass. She the best,most amazing girlfriend anyone could possibly ask for. She truly is beautiful, She is so gorgeous. And she touches the lives of everyone that she has met.
she is amazing.

"Wow that girl is amazing sucha Nathifa!"
by someonecoolerthanyouthink October 13, 2011

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