The coolest guy ever. Really good at sports, usually european ones like rugby and soccer. He's a ginger and he's Irish or Scottish. Really funny and liked byalot of girls
Nathaniel, when will you ask me out?
by L391T 91N93R January 07, 2012
Just some kid who likes to take it up both pipes.
Man, you are such a Nathaniel.

Yo James! Why are you acting like such a Nathaniel?

Bro, you see that Nathaniel guy standing in the corner? Man, he's such a Nathaniel.
by CherryPoppers June 24, 2011
someone who tries his hardest to smile, but on the inside is crying. someone i want to help even though he has hurt me. someone i would do anything for.

associated with the song "share it with me" by family force 5
why does she look like she's about to cry?

oh you know, its one of those nathaniels again...
by at the end of my sight January 31, 2010
A person who enjoys groping his best buddies.
Alan: Man did you see him pop a nathaniel on dan last night?

Brandon: I know... the little shit ruined the whole damn movie!

Alan: What a horny little critter...
by PoseidenP5 June 28, 2009
This name is usually associated with the druggie group in society. Most Nathaniel's are usually on drugs of some kind, they only buy tho, Hilary's sell drugs, Nathaniel's bug.
Dude check out the Nathaniel's over there,
Ya I know, total druggies
by Romanfool December 14, 2007
someone who likes to stab people with plastic knives, forks, spoons, and straws. he also likes to take peoples drinks. he may have add and he may be bi-polar or possible tri-polar. avoid this person.
that nathaniel is being fuckin crazy. he just slammed my fuckin knuckles on the table and then took my water. what a fag.
by c-trouble February 04, 2007

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