a player who hits on every girl and breaks their heart the next day
by :P:P:P:Phihihi April 08, 2009
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He is the most gorgeous guy you could ever meet and makes you melt just by seeing him. With a super cute smile and the cutest, brightest eyes in all the world he makes your world light up just by the sight of him. With such perfect hair you want to run your hands through and a body as shaped and sexy as a model's. When you see him you get butterflies in your stomach and feel like your floating, you instantly stop and stare at him wanting him to be closer instantly. He is a person who you could spend all day talking to and not get bored of without mentioning him being incredible in bed. He is charming, funny and romantic and makes you feel so lucky to know him, he always helps create the best memories. Everybody should have him in their lives and the world would be a much brighter place. You can never get enough of Nathaniel and you always want him to be there for you, making you feel special and just being the perfect guy he is.
Me: I'm the luckiest person ever to find Nathaniel, I don't deserve him
by BeckyXD2000 August 09, 2016
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Nathaniel is a sweet and caring guy. Very loyal to his friends and loved ones, he is a dedicated and funny person. He tends to joke around a lot and has the cutest laugh. Nathaniel has amazing crystal blue eyes which reel you in and let you lose yourself. He is a ginger with amazing athletic ability, great at volleyball, basketball and soccer. Nathaniel can be quite awkward however are always up for some silly statements or old jokes. If you make eye contact with a Nathaniel, he is bound to smile his signature smile and cause you to blush madly. You will find yourself smiling at nothing when he crosses your mind and would do anything to get to know him better.
You: "H-Hey Nathaniel..."
Nathaniel: "Oh hey Y/N!" He smiles.
You: You look down and blush, biting your lip softly.
Nathaniel: He chuckles softly and walks over to his friends.
by A Crazy Pigeon May 07, 2016
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someone who tries his hardest to smile, but on the inside is crying. someone i want to help even though he has hurt me. someone i would do anything for.

associated with the song "share it with me" by family force 5
why does she look like she's about to cry?

oh you know, its one of those nathaniels again...
by at the end of my sight January 31, 2010
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A person who enjoys groping his best buddies.
Alan: Man did you see him pop a nathaniel on dan last night?

Brandon: I know... the little shit ruined the whole damn movie!

Alan: What a horny little critter...
by PoseidenP5 June 28, 2009
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someone who likes to stab people with plastic knives, forks, spoons, and straws. he also likes to take peoples drinks. he may have add and he may be bi-polar or possible tri-polar. avoid this person.
that nathaniel is being fuckin crazy. he just slammed my fuckin knuckles on the table and then took my water. what a fag.
by c-trouble February 04, 2007
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This name is usually associated with the druggie group in society. Most Nathaniel's are usually on drugs of some kind, they only buy tho, Hilary's sell drugs, Nathaniel's bug.
Dude check out the Nathaniel's over there,
Ya I know, total druggies
by Romanfool December 14, 2007
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