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An unreliable football player esp. Kickers
Did you see Nate Kaeding miss those field goals against the Jets Late night.

Saints Fan: I'm glad Garrett Hartley didn't mis in OT.
Vikings Fan: Wow... I wish he was Nate Kaeding?
by Jets in SB XLV January 25, 2010
The worst kicker in NFL's playoff history
Missing 3 FG in a divisional playoff home game!!!!!
Damn I just forgot Nate Kaeding is kicking, then is all normal
by diesss January 18, 2010
named after sand diego place kicker Nate Kaeding, it is

1.the act of choking in a high pressure situation.

2. succeeding all year then failing at the end
The hockey player nate kaeding ed when he missed the penalty shot
by billy8 January 05, 2011