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A very pretty girl who is shy at first but then she will open up. She is very trustworthy and has a great sense of humor. She falls for people fast and doesn't trust easily. She is beautiful inside and out people just don't realize it.... yet. Shes kickass and a great friend to have. She can keep secrets she just has to tell her best friends. Great taste in music, and knows how to shake her booty to it.
Man, Nataliee is the total package.

I got to get me a Nataliee
by npl234pjslrup January 16, 2011

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This is a word often used for a female, also referred to as 'wasteee' but still too special to behold. Also, the word 'Nataliee' is not only a name - It is used to describe the inner cross section of the female ovary, and it is very commonly used in the region of London.
"Omdayssss..thats gotta be a Nataliee.." "yehh mann..i can totally see it yehh.." "yehh told u bruvv.." "yehh dat is lyk so hardcore aliee"
by Natalieeeeeeeeee March 07, 2008