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A-Playful, quick, sexy, and an all around dope girlfriend. Nat Cat Mannion is the kind of girl you'd call purrrrfect.

B-Amazing girlfriend who pretends shes a cat when shes excited.

C-Tall, green eyed, beautiful, bombshell. Some say she doesn't exist, but if you get a cute kitten you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse.
I just dreamed about the sickest girl friend ever must have been Nat Cat Mannion.

Whats that sexy dark figure coming at me... I found Nat Cat Mannion!

Damn that chicks fine, shes purrrrrfect! I gotta get me a Nat Cat Mannion

Who's the baddest b&%@# in here? Nat Cat Mannion deff
by D-Money315 November 03, 2011
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