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He is one of the greatest players, currently in the NHL and he plays for my favourite team, the Vancouver Canucks.

I was fortunate enough to meet the great captain #19, and get his autograph a couple days ago when he was doing a meet and greet at Best Buy in Coquitlam BC, near Vancouver. He signed my ticket stub from the game I was at where he scored 4 goals versus Pittsburgh. I'll never forget that game and I'll never forget meeting him.
I'll never forget Markus Naslund's final rush up the ice in regulation of Game 7 versus Calgary, which set up Matt Cooke's game tying goal.
by ThreeTimesOneMinusOne December 06, 2004
One of the best pro athletes in the world. Unbelievably talented in the game of hockey. Plays for the Vancouver Canucks, the second best team in the NHL (second, of course, to the Leafs :D).
a: Naslund's amazing isn't he?
b: Yup. Love him.
by NuGgEt July 16, 2004
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