Gods' most immaculate creation.
- The One N' Only Persian Princess
- Flawless in everyway
- Simply gorgeous from any view
- One who brings a smile upon a face, just by uttering her Precious Persian Princess name.
I need my Nasim!
I want my Nasim!
The site of the Sun setting is so Nasim!
I simply love Nasim!
by Muhammed January 25, 2005
A Beautiful Persian Princess.
"Oh look, There's the Persian Princess of the Universe, Nasim, We should bow down in respect."
by Muhammed January 19, 2005
1. a popular asian name for either a girl or a boy. More commonly used in the middle east for girls.

2. A light summer's breeze
Oh look there's Nasim!

There's a great Nasim a-blowin
by Nasim December 23, 2004

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