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The National Association of Crazed Gamers. A group of 80-100 insane people come together to run around 20 teams of 6 players through a 3 round single elimination tournament during the Gencon gaming convention. Nascrag is headed by Carole "The Squirrel Queen" Bland, who coordinates all of the events with the help of her husband and Nascrag co founder Len Bland, "Chief Lackey in Charge." But who has to organize these teams? That job falls to Tom Lommel, "Master of Ceremonies" (aka Doug Dougleson from Fear of Girls), and his lovely assistant Buster Pishkur, "The Goat Boy." Tom gets all the teams together, each of which is then required to do a team cheer after Tom shouts their names, while buster collects the tickets, and dances to any songs that come on (it's happened several times, this one team named themselves "mana mana" and their team cheer was "doooo doooo do do do", and another team did it's cheer in a rap, no joke). Another point is how did these players all get there? While many of them sign up at the preregistration, more of the players are just grabbed out of crowds and told to sit down, shut up, and play the game. The lucky people who get to do that are Brian Chase, Doug Moore, Bob Jeffries, and Mike Zwiebel, Who all do a fantastic job of bringing in players. Another great feature of Nascrag is that they have great artwork for our players. The artist in question is Indiana Bill Cavalier, who always does a fantastic job. But what is any D&D game without it's adventure? The current adventure is called the Putonic Island Saga. Parts 1&2 of the saga have been completed, and so far have been parodies of Star Trek and Star Wars (in order). The current authors are Randal Cox, Mike Watts, Mike Collins, and Mark Frey. What I believe sets Nascrag apart from other D&D games is that Nascrag stresses roll playing, puzzle solving, and having a good time. If anyone reading this is ever at Gencon and looking for a 4 hour event to fill a day, I would definitely recommend trying it, at least once.
Brian Chase: Hey we're Nascrag the National Association of Crazed Gamers, if you're looking to play right now we've got a game going. We stress roll playing and puzzle solving, and we don't take ourselves real seriously, are you interested?
by Daandrewnater August 23, 2009
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