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1: An ejaculation of mucus through the nose.

2a: What happens when you laugh so hard phlegm shoots out of your nose at high speeds.

2b: What happens when you express concentrated emotion through your nose through snorking (surprise), laughing (happiness) or just plain breathing out through your nose waaay too fast* (shocked disbelief).

*Usually happens at the same time as you spit out what ever beverage is in your mouth.
Person 1: (says something funny and unbelieveable) Can you believe that?!?
Person 2: *Laughs so hard phlegm shoots out through his nose*
Person 1: Woah dude, you just had a major nasal ejaculation!


Person 2: *spits out all liquid contents of mouth and boogeys go flying*
Person 1: Eeew man! You just had a nasal ejaculation

See also: Nasal Ejaculate (verb form)
by Person_ March 20, 2007
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