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Ruins many great fights in the Naruto series. Often involving a Shitty past/childhood.
During the first epic battle of Naruto and Sasuke the show only gave us 5 Minutes of Naruto and Sasuke fighting while having a Naruto Flashback Syndrome to Sasuke's past for 25 minutes for an episode.
by Stevemagegod February 01, 2013

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Watching of the series Naruto, (or any other anime) in which the prequel to a battle is filled with non-important filler.
J.D. "Hey Hank, see the new Naruto the other night?"
Hank "Oh my god dude, there was so much Naruto flashback syndrome, i couldn't pay attention to it for more than 5 minutes"
J.D. "I know dude, the Naruflash on that has gotten out of control, I don't care if the Log's got a history too!"
by Stuntmanjd October 01, 2009