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Watching of the series Naruto, (or any other anime) in which the prequel to a battle is filled with non-important filler.
J.D. "Hey Hank, see the new Naruto the other night?"
Hank "Oh my god dude, there was so much Naruto flashback syndrome, i couldn't pay attention to it for more than 5 minutes"
J.D. "I know dude, the Naruflash on that has gotten out of control, I don't care if the Log's got a history too!"
by Stuntmanjd October 01, 2009
Ditching ones friends to be assaulted by the Horde on Left 4 Dead or any other multiplayer game which requires everyones full teamwork and cooperation. Usually resulting in the deaths of all teammates but said ditcher. Also, betraying ones friends by lighting them on fire with any in-game incendiary weapons.
Anthony Left 4 Help last night while I was being attacked by the Horde, then decided "help" more by throwing his molotov directly at my feet and surrounding zombies.
by Stuntmanjd October 04, 2009
The desire to murder the creators of the Fandango movie commercials, wasting important time in a person's movie-going experience and wishing they had spent their money somewhere else.
I had a good 20 minutes of commercials at the movies last night, I almost went into a Fandango Commercial Murder Rage.
by Stuntmanjd October 04, 2009
Guy rule; If your girlfriend/boyfriend lives more than 3 states away, you have permission to have a replacement to quench ones sexual needs.
Jake's girlfriend lives in Texas, Jake lives in Ohio. As a result, Jake has side cooch with his locker buddy, Veronica.
by Stuntmanjd October 04, 2009
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