Basically a retardation of the word nasty, but invoking more disgust and repulsion.

"Ugh, did you see those autopsy close ups on CSI?"

"Yeah, that was narsty."
by E-rizzle-dizzle February 14, 2008
Top Definition
1. Of, or concerning, the pinnacle of nastiness. Appallingly ugly.
1. sung There she is, Miss Narsty. She should be locked in a box.
by Erik Kennedy August 04, 2003
Beyond nasty; nasty with an "r"
Tina turner
by Bob Barker June 21, 2003
like nasty, only more so
i had a narsty run-in with an ex.
by FNF #7 February 08, 2003
Combination of gnarly and nasty.
That gal over there with the 5 o'clock shadow sure is narsty.
by biscuithead November 04, 2003
beyond nasty, ugly, triflin
damn! did you see her face? thats so narsty
by B-Bubble November 25, 2009
SO nasty, beyond disgusting, grosser than gross. Use it to describe food, people, outfits, feelings, anything narsty.
look at her....shes just so NARSTY
by Jillianj April 13, 2006
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