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A Narrogin is one that resides outside the Golden Triangle. Narrogin is a part of Western Australia; its borders extend around the GT from Subiaco too Peppermint Grove and Claremont. Been a Narrogin is not simply a matter of geographical location. Narrogins are characterized by their poor grasp of English, increased fertility rate, ability to grow poor quality sun glasses, enjoyment of all things shiny and, fondness of joining preformed social circles unaware of the growing awkwardness of the situation.
Look at all the Narrogins on the rail replacment bus.
All the people in Center Link are Narrogins.
Are you a retard or just from Narrogin.
Tirana, Porscha, Tegan and Mercedes are all from Narrogin.
by G-Mal6008 September 08, 2007
A non Christ Church Grammar School Cadet. They are characterized by being "just shit." You will often find them hanging out in areas outside of the GT. They can be spotted by there distinctive bloused hat and sunglasses. It is common to hear stories of them going to the toilets in their sleepingbag whilst on bivouac. When dealing with the Narrogin it is important to implement complete segregation to reduce the chances of contamination.
Look at that Narrogin over there! what on earth is he doing with that map?
"Hey Narrogin, why did you take two rocks from the fire circle? "Umm so the fire can get oxygen"
by Malalious March 21, 2010
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