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Soft, beautiful, angel like, usually used as a woman's name. Name comes from IndioEuropean heritage.
Did you get see Narmin walk through the door she's like an angel.
by Asa1988 June 03, 2009
The name Narmin means a flower, delicate, soft, slender. It's originally a Turkish name.Women with this name tend to be amazing artists or politicians. If you find yourself in the arms of a Narmin, never let it go, you shall never meet one like her again.
She has this amazing power over me, she must be a Narmin.
by CarrieBradshawBrown August 09, 2012
A codename for a ridiculously easy girl
Damn that girl I met in Washington is definitely a narmin! That ho is in every areacode.
by easynarmins April 29, 2007
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