1) I agree, but I also don't care.

2) I didn't read/hear what you just typed/said, but I'll agree anyway.
"Dude, check this out!" Paul exclaimed.

"Narg," Kieran solemnly replied.
by Skyline Rescue Dart June 19, 2003
Can mean a varity of things, like, GRR , meanie , whatever etc. other examples, nargish, means mean person, that stupid, etc.
"NARG! WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?" or " That game was nargish "
denoting a fall of ones bike
weeeeeeeeeee.... ouch...narg
by borb March 25, 2005
The male genitals specificly the scrotum
You kicked me nargs!
by Advocate May 30, 2004
Cool; Fool; Ash.
What up foo/ash?
by noone November 15, 2003
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