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1. An intimate slang word used between couples of significant intimacy, i.e. couple language that develops from intense bond, similar to twin-speak.
2. Exclamation/ question directed towards an intimate mate regarding a subject previously discussed.
3.Verbal declaration in the form of a question used to incite a positive, excited response in the person.

4. Term used to garner attention from one's mate typically as a reminder of an upcoming event of fun and leisure.
5. Expression used to convey any emotion, though typically positive.
Note: may be expressed as a true question if that partner is insecure or doubtful and needs reassurance.
Example 1-Wife: Narfifi? (Are you o.k.?) Husband: Yar! (Yes, I am great!)
Example 2- Husband: Narfifi. (Said with sadness-means "I am disappointed/depressed/worried." Wife: Oh, I am sorry, babushka face :(
Example 3-Wife: NarFIFI? (Where are you? I miss you!) Husband: NARfifi! (I am over hear, and I miss you, too!)
by littlemissmuffett December 14, 2013
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