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When a person is really fucking trashed.

Could be booze, drugs, whatever. Once you start acting like a retard, you're nardo.
Dude, you are so nardo.

You are nardo, biiiiiiiiiiiiittttcchhh.

by Jask January 26, 2005
State of drunkenness in the middle of the day.
Dooood, I was at a Notre Dame game last weekend and was completely Nardo in the parking lot.
by Asian Phil November 09, 2007
Ancient Roman battle-cry first used by soldiers di Nardo, Italy that has proven to strike fear into the hearts of opposing warriors while instilling courage, strength and kickassery to those that employ it. Now commonly used by elite drivers engaged in record breaking speed and endurance attempts at the The Nardo Ring, Nardo, Italy.
At the Battle of Edessa in 316 A.D. when 28,000 Roman troops surprised the right wing of the Persian Army coming out of the woods screaming "Nardo!", it was recorded to have been an utterly terrifying experience whereby the Persians immediately surrendered and begged for mercy from the Roman soldiers.
by gullo October 04, 2013
An individual named Brian living in Atlanta, Georgia who was the first individual "shot" in a paint ball game circa 1991. Short for "Crispus Bernardo.:
"Dude, you totally just shot Nardo."
by D-Train May 26, 2004
An unbearable arrogant self-centered freak whose existence is marked by the search of a hot chilly vixen to make him feel Mr. Know-it-all in least for a while.
"Nardos are like mosquitos: nobody looks for them, they come to piss you off...and to bad nardos will never be wiped out" - Kaze Xoor
by Naty December 11, 2003
One of the least favorite nicknames of Maynard James Keenan, lead singer of the rock band TOOL.
Man, Maynard hates when you refer to him as Nardo!
by d33k November 12, 2006
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